About Us

Founded in 1934, the Appleton MacDowell Male Chorus is one of the longest-continuously running male choruses in the United States. The inspiration behind our name was the noted American composer, Edward MacDowell (1860-1908).

  • Performed more than 550 concerts
  • Entertained more than 80 cities throughout the Midwest and Canada
  • Nearly 1,000 works covering a wide range of musical styles in the repertoire
  • 25-30 works performed each spring from memory
  • Donate our time and talent to local community events
    • Collaborate with local church choirs
    • Honor Flight and other veterans events
    • Award scholarships to promising high school students
  • Between 60 and 100 chorus members participate each year
    • 876 men have been members
    • Membership is open to all post-high school men
  • Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Musical Leadership

Past Leadership

Conductor: Herb Berendsen (’11-

Assistant Conductor: Owen Popelka

Accompanist: Marty Vagjrt

Assistant Accompanist:


Albert A. Glockzin (’34-’51)

Gordon Kotkosky (’52-’55)

Edwin Zordel (’56-’84)

Allan Leicht (’85-’10)

Board of Directors

Elected annually at the May business meeting.

President: Adam Marshall
Vice-President: Wayne Nighorn
Secretary: Mike Stanich
Treasurer: Andy Irvine
Director of Music: Dan Jaworski
Director of Internal Events: Andy Van Herwynen
Director of Promotions & Advertising: Rick Marion
Director of Membership and Recruitment: Rick Stark

To contact us for bookings, call or email:

Phone (920) 460-9884 – Email: info@macdowellchorus.com

For Scholarship inquiries, click here.

MacDowell Male Chorus Est. 1943